[#208] DeveloperGuide: Change setup to use default test configuration (#226)

The working directory needs to be changed for the tests to run properly.
Therefore, the developer guide instructs the developer to modify the
generated test configuration.

If the IDE generates another new test configuration, the settings needs
to be changed again, otherwise the tests will fail again.

Let's change the instructions to ask the developers to modify the
default test configuration instead of the generated one.
1 file changed
tree: f73729b4ee3a1c2d0d46b47fbdbc46694954989a
  1. config/
  2. doc/
  3. gradle/
  4. src/
  5. test/
  6. .gitignore
  7. .travis.yml
  8. _config.yml
  9. build.gradle
  10. gradlew
  11. gradlew.bat
  13. README.md

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AddressBook (Level 2)

  • This is a CLI (Command Line Interface) Address Book application written in OOP fashion.
  • It is a Java sample application intended for students learning Software Engineering while using Java as the main programming language.
  • It provides a reasonably well-written code example that is significantly bigger than what students usually write in data structure modules.

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