ibverbs-tests: Set project directory structure

This commit sets project directory structure.
The proposed directories are:
* include/		- all global headers
* docs/ 	 	- the documentation folder
* src/		- soruce code of the tests engine
* tests/		- all tests should go there
* tests/general/	- common tests which are not related
			  to specific feature
* tests/cross-channel/	- cross-channel specific tests
* tests/peer-direct/	- peer-direct specific tests

1. New feature tests should go to tests/FEATURE/ directory.
2. GIT doesn't allow to commit empty directories, so as a workaround
   it was committed together with empty .gitignore file. It is
   safe to delete.

Signed-off-by: Leon Romanovsky <leonro@mellanox.com>
6 files changed
tree: 82394fbac00b22521b4a59dcc17f7b12b703bf03
  1. contrib/
  2. docs/
  3. include/
  4. src/
  5. tests/
  6. .gitignore