A simple GUI for statistics purposes, Made with Tkinter and Python3

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Scaling Broccoli

A Simple Desktop Application, Made With Python 3 and Tkinter.


Just Make Sure you Have Python3 and pip3 On Your Local Machine:

sudo apt-get install python3

sudo apt-get -y install pip3


Just Follow This Simple step-by-step to get the latest Version

  1. Create a Folder:mkdir Folder-Name

  2. Enter the Folder:cd Folder-name

  3. Clone The repository:git clone https://github.com/ArchanjoJr/scaling-broccoli.git

  4. Then Install the Dependencies:pip3 install -r requirements.txt

After this Steps You're Good to GO !

PS: Executables for Windows and Linux are on their WAY ! XD


Just Run the script:

python3 view.py

Main Binomial Normal Poisson

Built With



This project is licensed under the MIT License


  • A Huge Shout for my Boy William Moreira For The Amazing Patience and Help With Tkinter and GUI