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OmniJaws "Just another weather service" is a minimized service to fetch weather data from OpenWeatherMap or Yahoo. Thanks to for providing an unrestricted API key

OpenWeatherMap API

IMPORTANT: please request your own API key from OpenWeatherMap at and enter it here Check also here how this is used

Yahoo weather API

Thanks to the original creators and contributors of the LockClock app

It provided a lot of insights and knowledge how to do this Some parts of the code like the provider access have been taken from it with minor modificatioons. Please check the file copyright headers for the origins of the files.

If you already include LockClock with your ROM you should consider if you really need this. The provider API is similiar and you dont need two different providers.

The default condition icon pack has also been extracted from LockClock

Client access

Here is a client code example using the content provider to access weather data

Broadcasts and content observers

There are two ways to register for changes on weather data

Using ContentObserver on URI


Using broadcasts

private static final String ACTION_BROADCAST = "org.omnirom.omnijaws.WEATHER_UPDATE";
private static final String ACTION_ERROR = "org.omnirom.omnijaws.WEATHER_ERROR";


Depending on the value of the metric setting the following units are used to display the weather

metric = "C"
imperial = "F"

Wind speed:
metric = "km/h"
imperial = "mph"

Condition icon packs support

add activity with action "org.omnirom.WeatherIconPack" the name is used to defined the prefix for the image names default should be .weather.

			android:label="LockClock (vclouds)" >
				<action android:name="org.omnirom.WeatherIconPack" />

				<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />

An example can be found here

Icons: Outline weather icon set is used with permission from