Fix installd get wrong inode cause APK crash

Reset cache inode when installd delete cache.
Nexus 5X can be reproduced.
Reproduce step:
1.Flash device image
2.Wait boot comple
3.Install any APK with lib folder
4.Fill storage to remain 49MB
5.Clear APP data from Settings
6.Launch APK
7.APK crash

Fill storage to remain 49MB that will cause PMS trigger free cache.
installd will do "freecache" command with a wrong inode of cache.
01-01 00:20:31.183   437   437 D installd: Resolved path
/data/data/ for inode 516100 instead of

installd will delete all files of lib folder that cause APP crash
07-13 20:09:51.577 13421 13421 E AndroidRuntime:
dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[DexPathList[[zip file
    /system/lib, /vendor/lib]]] couldn't find ""
    07-13 20:09:51.577 13421 13421 E AndroidRuntime:        at

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Signed-off-by: mydongistiny <>
Signed-off-by: XrTV <>
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