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AospLime 2.X

AospLime is a custom ROM with additional features and UI/UX improvement to give user good experience when using it.

Compilation of AospLime

1. Requirements

Before get started to compile AospLime for your own device, you need to complete some requirements as explained bellow:

- AMD64{64bit} based Linux system.
- 250GiB Free disk space(Recommended to use SSD).
- Quad-core processor.
- 16GiB RAM(Swap also can help).
- Fast and helpful internet connection.

2. Preparation

We have completed the requirements. Now, let's start to prepare compilation environtment. Cause all people isn't use same Linux distribution. So, let's make more simple with @akhilnarang 's script.

git clone
cd scripts
. setup/*sh

3. Downloading AospLime Source

Now, let's download AospLime Source

  • First, make directory for AospLime Source, and then enter to the directory.
mkdir -p ~/lime
cd /lime
  • Second, initialize AospLime Source manifest in the directory
If you want to download full AospLime Source, type:
repo init --depth=1 -u -b ten
But, if you want to do shallow download, type:
repo init -u -b ten

NOTES: Shallow download will not include full commits history.
  • Third, start downloading the AospLime Source.
repo sync -c -j$(nproc --all) --force-sync --no-clone-bundle --no-tags

4. Download device sources

After syncing source completed, let's start downloading your target device source code. If your device need some extra configurtaion, you should apply the configuration before start.

5. Start compilation

Now, let's start compilation

  • Call building environtment setup script.
. build/
  • Pick target device.
lunch aosp_DEVICE_NAME-userdebug
  • Start the compilation.
mka bacon -j$(nproc --all)


  • Whenever you see "-jX" the, you need to change "X" with number of your complier machine's thread number.
  • For maintainership infomation, please ask on our Telegram group.