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Daylight header images

Activity activity name is used to defined name of the config file

<action android:name="org.omnirom.DaylightHeaderPack1" />
			android:label="<label>" >
				<action android:name="org.omnirom.DaylightHeaderPack1" />

				<category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />

Config file


hour_header - display image if hour is larger then value day_header - display image on this day and hour - will overrule hour header random_header - choose a random image from the image list list_header - sequential iterate over the image list change_interval - change interval in minutes - default interval is one hour only valid in random or sequential mode

    <hour_header hour="21" image="night" />
    <day_header day="25" month="12" image="christmas" />
    <day_header day="1" month="1" hour="0" image="new_year_1" />
    <day_header day="1" month="1" hour="12" image="new_year_2" />

    <random_header image="nature01" />
    <random_header image="nature02" />
    <random_header image="nature03" />

    <change_interval minutes="10" />
    <list_header image="nature01" />
    <list_header image="nature02" />
    <list_header image="nature03" />

Label will be the name your pack will appear when selecting

Images size should have a 4:1 ratio. Images will be resized to fit and cropped as necessary.

Images are drawn behind quickbar in collapsed state so you should avoid to use too bright colors in that area else the quickbar images will become hard to see.