Fixing missing punctuation for punctuation search case.

Previous CL I9cbdf10d21c79f53bc621bacb7eeeb95a6a2435f fixed missing
punctuation at the start when searching without punctuation. (e.g.

This CL fixes the case where leading punctuation is missing if you searched
with a leading punctuation. (e.g. {'hello}).  The content provider
uses a different code path when it detects multi-words and snippeting
is actually done in sqlite using the FTS snippet method. The check for
multi-word was treating {'hello} as two words.

This means that multi-word searches will still have this issue as it still
uses the sqlite snippet method.  Leaving this to a separate CL since it's
a riskier change.

Bug: 5929143
Change-Id: I1883621bb64452726cd92035d30001c29b478574
6 files changed