Fixing regression in phone number collapse on detail page.

The case of collapsing phone numbers with different formats was broken due to
another bug fix.  e.g...

(555) 555-5555

would not collapse when they should.

The second problem was that an inconsistency was inadvertently introduced when
deciding what numbers are equal.

rule 1)
+14155551212 == 4155551212

rule 2)
 14155551212 != 4155551212

implicitly a third rule was in effect....

rule 3)
+14155551212 == 14155551212

By transitive equality, then all version of the number are equal which broke
rule 2.  This could be seen in the UI when all 3 version of the number exists
and they are all collapsed into 1.

Bug: 8621998
Bug: 7519057
Change-Id: Iafb36fbdc72f9a76d9313811894b57aafebb4f35
2 files changed