[2/3]Bluetooth: add "Accept all files" option for incoming files

 * Renamed some variable.
 * Re-organized the comment.
 * Reworded the commit message.

  This patch will make OBEX server respect the "accept all files"
  setting. If enabled, it will skip checking MIME type of incoming file,
  so the file types not present in whitelist can be accepted.
  Blacklist will be ignored as well. (There's nothing in blacklist in fact)
  If it's disabled, the check will be performed as usual.

Change-Id: I3904a25914d16d040126de43f5e6ed51993494c4

Bluetooth : Move ACCEPT_ALL_FILES to CMSettings

Change-Id: Ia07553e08e6f228c6082b80d0bb2732dcd3465dd

Change-Id: I3904a25914d16d040126de43f5e6ed51993494c4
2 files changed