DO NOT MERGE: Add a few more no-op stubs for cURL compatibility.

With these stubs, cURL should not need any BoringSSL #ifdefs at all,
except for their OCSP #ifdefs (which can switch to the more generally
useful OPENSSL_NO_OCSP) and the workaround for wincrypt.h macro
collisions. That we intentionally leave to the consumer rather than add
a partial hack that makes the build sensitive to include order.

(I'll send them a patch upstream once this cycles in.)

Reviewed-by: Adam Langley <>

(cherry picked from upstream commit e5aa791a1cbd70c64a5cadaae71eda8f6d5aa992)

Change-Id: I65812be5cb37acd63d755b313162b7a03d130d98
6 files changed