A Telegram UserBot for Lazy Boiii Like Me

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If the CI builds pass, but you still get syntax errors when running locally it's most probably not a problem with the source but with your version of python

- #include <std/disclaimer.h>
- /
- Your Telegram account may get banned.
- I am not responsible for any improper use of this bot
- This bot is intended for the purpose of having fun with memes
- as well as efficiently managing groups
- You ended up spamming groups, getting reported left and right,
- and the Telegram Team deleted your account?
- And then you pointed your fingers at me for getting yourself reported?
- I will laugh at you.
- /

A modular telegram Python UserBot running on python3 with an sqlalchemy database.

Started up as a simple bot, which helps with deleting messages and other stuffs when I didn't possess a smartphone(selecting each message indeed difficult) with a ton of meme features kanged from SkittBot, it has evolved, becoming extremely modular and simple to use.

If you just want to stay in the loop about new features or announcements you can join the news channel.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions then don't hesitate to contact me in my support group.

Please head to the wiki on instructions to setting it up!


I would like to thank people who assisted me throughout this project:

and many more people who aren't mentioned here.

Found Bugs? Create an issue on the issue tracker, or post it in the support group.