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  • Install python3 python3-pip
  • Run pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Deploy to heroku

  • Install heroku toolbet
  • Run heroku login
  • Run heroku create -a yourappname
  • Run heroku git:remote -a yourappname
  • Run heroku stack:set container
  • Run git add .
  • Run git commit -m "your commit message"
  • Run git push heroku HEAD:master --force
  • Turn on your dyno worker with command heroku ps:scale worker=1

Set up OAuth:

  • Visit the Google Cloud Console
  • Go to the OAuth Consent tab, fill it, and save.
  • Go to the Credentials tab and click Create Credentials -> OAuth Client ID
  • Choose Other and Create.
  • Use the download button to download your credentials.
  • Move that file to the root of aria-telegram-mirror-bot, and rename it to credentials.json
  • Run python3

Get Drive folder ID:

  • Visit Google Drive.
  • Create a new folder. The bot will upload files inside this folder.
  • Open the folder.
  • The URL will be something like Copy the part after folders/ (012a_345bcdefghijk).

Hardcore Authorized Chats

  • Edit file authorized_chats.txt and write group id or user id to hardcore use the bot.