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+Styling for mobile devices
+This editor should work pretty well with mobile devices, but you'll need to consider the following things when styling it:
+- keyboards on mobile devices take a huge part of the screen
+- having to scroll the screen to touch the toolbar can cause the editing component to lose focus, and the mobile device keyboard might go away
+- mobile devices tend to move the screen viewport around to ensure that the focused element is shown, so it's best that the edit box is glued to the top
+For the content attachment editor on MindMup, we apply the following rules to mobile device styling:
+- edit box is glued to the top, so the focus doesn't jump around
+- toolbar is below the edit box
+- on portrait screens, edit box size is 50% of the screen 
+- on landscape screens, edit box size is 30% of the screen
+- as the screen gets smaller, non-critical toolbar buttons get hidden into a "other" menu
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