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This project is for beginner to sample practice know how to play tensorflow and docker

1_hello_tensorflow.ipynb: basic introduction to TensorFlow from tensorflow example

2_getting_started.ipynb: introduce a simple neural network in TensorFlow from tensorflow example

3_mnist_from_scratch.ipynb: example of training a TensorFlow model from tensorflow example

4_cifar_10_dataset_cnn.ipynb: use ConvNet to do images classification for 10 labels from CIFAR-10 dataset,you can learn more detail from here Convolutional Neural Networks & Video sample way to how to open tensorboard example of run mnist data and open tensorboard create a sample tensorflow pre train model import tensorflow pre train model and set value to it output result build a sample tensorflow model and prepare usage in Android frozen and optimized tensorflow model,download android application here save tf4android all need to use variable let *.pd convert to *.pdtxt

You can read more detail here

You can pull docker here docker pull brive3571/tf4android