evented I/O for v8 javascript

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  1. 160e4d0 build: re-enable gdbjit, honor --gdb again by Ben Noordhuis · 10 years ago master
  2. e8b0427 v8: make GDBJIT interface compile again by mstarzinger@chromium.org · 10 years ago
  3. 18beea4 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ry/v0.8' by isaacs · 10 years ago
  4. b6b8813 test: add typed arrays regression test by Ben Noordhuis · 10 years ago v0.8
  5. 49f0f61 typed arrays: use `signed char` for signed int8s by Aaron Jacobs · 10 years ago

Evented I/O for V8 javascript. Build Status

To build:

Prerequisites (Unix only):

* Python 2.6 or 2.7
* GNU Make 3.81 or newer
* libexecinfo (FreeBSD and OpenBSD only)


make install



To run the tests:


make test


vcbuild.bat test

To build the documentation:

make doc

To read the documentation:

man doc/node.1

Resources for Newcomers