Powerful, light, feature-rich C library

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Test driven C library for reliable networking, data structures and utility functionality. Constantly in development and refinement to make it as memory/thread safe as possible whilst maintaining no dependencies and low foot print.

####For a solid snapshot of the library check out the releases https://github.com/AlexsJones/jnxlibc/releases

#Key features

  • Lightweight data structures (hash, list, vector, btree, stack, queue)
  • Network socket implmentation supporting multiple transport and IPV4/IPV6
  • Threading & threadsafe data structure API
  • Interprocess communication
  • Verbose terminal logging
  • Easy to use file read/write functions
  • Fast and easy base64 encoding/decoding
  • Auto generated documentation and logical API

#Documentation & Examples

  • MAN docs/man
  • HTML docs/html (Here)
  • Examples of functionality in test suite.
  • Gerrit code review


Currently supported platforms: Linux distributions/OS X

Arch linux users

yaourt jnxlibc 

Grab this repo.


Use -ljnxc when building your project


Sending message over network

jnx_socket *udp_sock = jnx_socket_udp_create(AF_INET);

Using a binary tree

jnx_btree *tree = jnx_btree_create(sizeof(int),callback_func);
int i;
for(i=0;i<10;++i) {
  void *next = (void*)(guids[i]);
//get keys
jnx_list *keys = jnx_list_create();

while(keys->head) {
  char *a_key = keys->head->data;
  void *val = jnx_btree_lookup(tree,(void*)a_key);
  keys->head = keys->head->next_node;

Manipulating data from a hashmap with thread safety

void *value = jnx_hash_get_ts(hashmap,"Key");