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Record the display even on non-jailbroken iPhones.

Licenced with the MIT Licence with the following 2 clauses added onto it: You may not use the source code for any commercial product. You may use the videos created from RecordMyScreen for commercial use.


  • CoolStar (@coolstarorg) - Started the project, and created the initial code.
  • ProtoSphere (@protosphere7) - Helped transition to encoding the video on-the-fly
  • John Coates (@punksomething) - Improved the framerate of the video captured, fixed the screen tearing, and made RecordMyScreen usable on <= A4
  • Brandon Etheredge (@brandonEtheredg) - Added support for the iPad on the UI
  • Nicolas Gomollon (@gomollon) - Prevented other apps from stopping our recording (unfortunately using an iOS 6 only API)
  • Aditya KD (@caughtinflux) - Moved the recording stuff to a separate class. Makes it a lot easier for us to start on the tweak version :)

Technical Specs

  1. ARMv7 device (A5 recommended)
  2. iOS 5 or higher (iOS 6 recommended, may work on iOS 4)
  3. Developer Account or Jailbreak to install
  4. XCode 4.4.1 or higher

Device Compatibility


  1. iPhone 3GS
  2. iPhone 4
  3. iPhone 4S
  4. iPhone 5


  • iPhone 2G - Not supported: iOS 3 is too ancient, armv6, way too slow, no h.264 encoding support
  • iPhone 3G - Not supported: armv6, too slow, does this even support h.264 encoding?

iPod touch

  1. iPod touch 3G
  2. iPod touch 4
  3. iPod touch 5


  • iPod touch 1G - Not Supported: No microphone, iOS 3 is too ancient, armv6, way too slow, no h.264 encoding support
  • iPod touch 2G - Not Supported: armv6, probably doesn't support h.264 encoding
  • iPod touch 2G and 3G will need a headset with mic plugged into the headphone jack for backgrounding to work


  1. iPad 1 (maybe, test please?)
  2. iPad 2
  3. iPad 3 (requires additional setup)
  4. iPad 4 (should work with same settings as iPad 3, but needs testing)

Note: iPads with Retina Display have Issue #8 Note for Retina iPads:

  1. You MUST set Video size to 50% scale, as the video encoder doesn't work with the 2048x1536 screen res.
  2. There is a little tearing in the video on retina iPads. We will fix it once we can take a look at it.

Jailbroken users without access to a working iOS toolchain

You may download the latest build of the last stable release (1.0) here: