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A demo app for the iBeacons API in iOS 7

HiBeacons is a fully functional demo app for the new iBeacons API in iOS 7. The app can be used to demonstrate beacon monitoring, advertising and ranging, by toggling on/off three switches. You can easily see any beacons in the vicinity, with all their info, under the 'Detected Beacons' section.




  • Monitoring works when the app is in the background. You will get a local notification when entering a beacon region.
  • The app can only monitor and range a single beacon region, but can easily be extended for multiple.
  • You can find and set the UUID and identifier for the beacon (and the region) at the top of NTViewController.m.
  • Major and minor integers are generated randomly every time a new advertising session starts.
  • The app will not list itself as a beacon, even if you toggle advertising on. (It's how the API works.) You need to run another instance of the app for that.
  • The UI doesn't show any alerts; check the console for more details.

Background advertising

Beacon region advertising doesn't work in the background in iOS 7, even with the bluetooth-peripheral mode set in Info.plist.


Nick Toumpelis (@nicktoumpelis)


HiBeacons is available under the MIT licence. See the LICENCE file for more info.