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ARAnalytics v2.5.0 Build Status

ARAnalytics is to iOS what Analytical is to ruby, or Analytics.js is to javascript.

ARAnalytics is a CocoaPods only library, which provides a sane API for tracking events and some simple user data. It currently supports for iOS: TestFlight, Mixpanel, Localytics, Flurry, Google Analytics v3, KISSMetrics, Tapstream, Countly, Crittercism, Bugsnag, Helpshift, Chartbeat, and Crashlytics. And for OS X: KISSmetrics, Countly and Mixpanel. It does this by using subspecs from CocoaPods 0.17+ to let you decide which libraries you'd like to use.



If you want to include all the options, just use: pod "ARAnalytics"

If you're looking to use one or more the syntax is one per line.

  pod "ARAnalytics/Crashlytics"
  pod "ARAnalytics/Mixpanel"



Once you've pod installed'd the libraries you can either use the individual (for example) [ARAnalytics setupTestFlightWithTeamToken:@"TOKEN"] methods to start up each indiviual analytics platform or use the generic setupWithAnalytics with our constants.

  [ARAnalytics setupWithAnalytics:@{
      ARCrittercismAppID : @"KEY",
      ARKISSMetricsAPIKey : @"KEY",
      ARGoogleAnalyticsID : @"KEY"


Submit a console log that is stored online, for crash reporting this provides a great way to provide breadcrumbs. ARLog(@"Looked at Artwork (%@)",;

extern void ARLog (NSString *format, ...);

Event Tracking

/// Submit user events
+ (void)event:(NSString *)event;
+ (void)event:(NSString *)event withProperties:(NSDictionary *)properties;

/// Let ARAnalytics deal with the timing of an event
+ (void)startTimingEvent:(NSString *)event;
+ (void)finishTimingEvent:(NSString *)event;

Error Tracking

/// Submit errors to providers
+ (void)error:(NSError *)error;
+ (void)error:(NSError *)error withMessage:(NSString *)message;

User Properties

/// Set a per user property
+ (void)identifyUserWithID:(NSString *)userID andEmailAddress:(NSString *)email;
+ (void)setUserProperty:(NSString *)property toValue:(NSString *)value;
+ (void)incrementUserProperty:(NSString*)counterName byInt:(int)amount;

Page View Tracking

/// Monitor Navigation changes as page view
+ (void)pageView:(NSString *)pageTitle;
+ (void)monitorNavigationViewController:(UINavigationController *)controller;

On top of this you obviously get access to use the original SDK too as in order to provide a common API it is slightly the lowest common denominator.


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