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The Courses

Here's the new "Learn Spring" course:

Here's the Master Class of "REST With Spring" (along with the new announced Boot 2 material):

And here's the Master Class of "Learn Spring Security":

Java and Spring Tutorials

This project is a collection of small and focused tutorials - each covering a single and well defined area of development in the Java ecosystem. A strong focus of these is, of course, the Spring Framework - Spring, Spring Boot and Spring Security. In addition to Spring, the modules here cover a number of aspects of Java.

Profile based segregation

We are using maven build profiles to segregate the huge list of individual projects we have in our repository.

As for now, vast majority of the modules require JDK8 to build and run correctly.

The projects are broadly divided into 3 lists: first, second and heavy.

Next, they are segregated further on the basis of the tests that we want to execute.

Additionally, there are 2 profiles dedicated for JDK9 and above builds.

Therefore, we have a total of 8 profiles:

ProfileIncludesType of test enabled
default-firstFirst set of projects*UnitTest
integration-lite-firstFirst set of projects*IntegrationTest
default-secondSecond set of projects*UnitTest
integration-lite-secondSecond set of projects*IntegrationTest
default-heavyHeavy/long running projects*UnitTest
integration-heavyHeavy/long running projects*IntegrationTest
default-jdk9-and-aboveJDK9 and above projects*UnitTest
integration-jdk9-and-aboveJDK9 and above projects*IntegrationTest

Building the project

Though it should not be needed often to build the entire repository at once because we are usually concerned with a specific module.

But if we want to, we can invoke the below command from the root of the repository if we want to build the entire repository with only Unit Tests enabled:

mvn clean install -Pdefault-first,default-second,default-heavy

or if we want to build the entire repository with Integration Tests enabled, we can do:

mvn clean install -Pintegration-lite-first,integration-lite-second,integration-heavy

Analogously, for the JDK9 and above projects the commands are:

mvn clean install -Pdefault-jdk9-and-above


mvn clean install -Pintegration-jdk9-and-above

Building a single module

To build a specific module, run the command: mvn clean install in the module directory.

Running a Spring Boot module

To run a Spring Boot module, run the command: mvn spring-boot:run in the module directory.

Working with the IDE

This repo contains a large number of modules. When you're working with an individual module, there's no need to import all of them (or build all of them) - you can simply import that particular module in either Eclipse or IntelliJ.

Running Tests

The command mvn clean install from within a module will run the unit tests in that module. For Spring modules this will also run the SpringContextTest if present.

To run the integration tests, use the command:

mvn clean install -Pintegration-lite-first or

mvn clean install -Pintegration-lite-second or

mvn clean install -Pintegration-heavy or

mvn clean install -Pintegration-jdk9-and-above

depending on the list where our module exists