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Thanks for letting us show you around!

What you’re seeing here is a GitHub pull request with the code diffs showing by default. Feel free to look around.

Over on the right is a panel for line notes that you can connect to a line of code in the diff. You can also switch to the conversation to see comments on the whole pull request.

Line notes have flags to indicate what is going on in the code, too. Flags are as follows:

['!fix', '!resolve']

  • Something in the code needs to be reviewed and fixed before the pull request is merged.

['!fixed', '!resolved', '!completed']

  • The issue has been resolved.

To add a flag simply leave a comment with your desired flag. For convenience we also have a dropdown menu to add these comments automatically.

Another key feature you need to know about is ninja stars. Ninja stars are how you communicate that a pull request is okay to merge. You can set, by repository, how many ninja stars you think pull requests should have before merging.

To add a ninja star, click the ninja star button.

When your pull request no longer has any open line notes, and has received a sufficient number of ninja stars, it’s ready to merge!

To merge the pull request, click Merge pull request.

That’s it! These are the basic features of ReviewNinja to help you get started. We hope you enjoy using the tool, and please let us know how we can make it better.