Fixed the module load issue from class demo.
Manually added the change made in the pull request on the Master WPI-Suite Repo by Robertsmieja. To get this to work, build the project clean again, and then launch WPISuite on the server, and Janeway as a Java Application. Same process as the wiki describes for running WPI-Suite
diff --git a/Janeway/build.gradle b/Janeway/build.gradle
index 2218e86..23bbaa7 100644
--- a/Janeway/build.gradle
+++ b/Janeway/build.gradle
@@ -67,10 +67,10 @@
 task modules(type: Copy) {
 	description = "Copy over each module .jar file for Janeway into the modules folder"
 	group = "Application"
-    dependsOn jar
+    	dependsOn ":${it}:jar"
         from(project(":${it}").libsDir) {
             include '*.jar'