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A-Frame GitHub bot.


Latest A-Frame GitHub Pages

Deployed on AWS.


  • When the A-Frame code or package.json is updated, bump the A-Frame master builds and the bot's fork's GitHub Pages of A-Frame.
  • When the A-Frame master builds are bumped: update README, package.json, and bump again.
  • When the A-Frame documentation is updated, deploy the documentation on the A-Frame site.
  • When the A-Frame Registry is updated, bump the A-Frame Registry builds and site.
  • When a contributor comments @a-frobot docs-v0.4.0 on a commit, cherry-pick the commit to the documentation branch and deploy the A-Frame site.
  • When the A-Frame site is updated, deploy the A-Frame site to aframevr/aframevr.github.io.

AWS Setup

Open inbound ports in the AWS Security Group on the console. A-Frobot defaults to port 5000 for production and port 5001 for staging.

sudo apt-get install git node npm
curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.33.0/install.sh | bash
bash && nvm install v6
git clone git@github.com:ngokevin/a-frobot && cd a-frobot && npm install
cp tokens.js.dist tokens.js

Have a GitHub account and get a GitHub personal access token. Put the token in tokens.js as GITHUB_TOKEN.

Give the GitHub bot account write access to the managed repositories.

Get the AWS public URL and set up a GitHub webhook on the managed repositories pointing to /postreceive. Give the webhook a secret token. Put the webhook token in tokens.js as SECRET_TOKEN. Make sure the content type for the webhook is set to application/json.

npm install -g forever
npm run start
forever logs 0

For proper functioning, the instance should have at least 2GB of RAM, and the instance's volume should have at least 2GB of storage.


npm run startstaging

Repository Setup

  • aframevr/aframe - Webhook + Write Access
  • aframevr/aframe-registry - Webhook + Write Access
  • aframevr/aframe-site - Webhook
  • aframevr/aframevr.github.io - Write Access
  • a-frobot/aframe - Fork