15.08 Update+

- Fix Play services battery drain on arm
- Fixed remove-faceunlock from updater script
- Show some love for who doesn't have realpath
- Export md5 as a file too
- Simplify create checks (@stucki 6a05464df7ae80784fc8fe8ff2de65152d7bb67b)
- Move target zip out of arch directory  (@stucki bf57998702c634f560535b586706931f56a3ed31)
- Clean Up after the build (@stucki f6660501afa1eaefc4d3cf1a043e5c73bdab398d)
- CleanUp final output
130 files changed
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GApps for android devices


You can compile your GApps package with GNU make

make distclean

  • Remove output directory

make arm

  • compile signed flashable GApps for arm

make arm64

  • compile signed flashable GApps for arm64

make x86

  • compile signed flashable GApps for x86 (NOT supported atm)