15.05 Update

- Make for different platforms (arm, arm64, x86)
- Add arm64 support
- Update GNow
- Fix FaceUnlock FC
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GApps for android devices


These are Google Apps for who want to install Google Packages on a custom rom. Remember Apks and Jars files are prebuilt from Google. All closed source files come from Nexuses' factory images. This contains just the core files needed to setup a fully working Google account, users will choose wich apps they want on their devices. GApps contain a "quite old" universal Play Service, so the Play Store will download the proper one for your device asap. These GApps get monthly updates, fell free to fork and contribute to this, but remember, Opensource does not mean out-of-respect. Also NO MIRRORS ALLOWED




Google + Community Website


You can compile your GApps package with GNU make

make distclean

  • Remove output directory

make gapps

  • compile signed flashable GApps for arm

make gapps_arm64

  • compile signed flashable GApps for arm64

make gapps_x86

  • compila signed flashable GApps for x86 (NOT supported atm)