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Brent Hronik6a6ca232013-12-17 12:28:23 -07001#must be defined for file_contexts
2type smd_test_exec, exec_type, file_type;
5 type smd_test, domain;
6 domain_auto_trans(shell, smd_test_exec, smd_test)
Brent Hronik6a6ca232013-12-17 12:28:23 -07007 domain_auto_trans(adbd, smd_test_exec, smd_test)
8 #SMD device node and test file contexts
9 allow smd_test smd_device:chr_file {ioctl read write open getattr append};
10 #tests are launched from pseudo terminal, so output will be directed there
11 #and as such needs adequate allow rules
12 allow smd_test devpts:chr_file {ioctl read write open getattr};