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#must be defined for file_contexts
type qmi_test_service_exec, exec_type, file_type;
type qmi_test_service, domain;
domain_auto_trans(shell, qmi_test_service_exec, qmi_test_service)
domain_auto_trans(adbd, qmi_test_service_exec, qmi_test_service)
#enable access to loader in 64 bit system
allow qmi_test_service shell:fd use;
#test is launched from pseudo terminal so output goes there
allow qmi_test_service devpts:chr_file {read write getattr ioctl};
#to access smem log
allow qmi_test_service smem_log_device:chr_file {read write open ioctl};
#to enable qmuxd interface apis to access diag
allow qmi_test_service diag_device:chr_file {read write open ioctl};
#enable accessing the path where qmuxds named sockets are present
#to interface with qmuxd through unix sockets
#to access ipc router socket
allow qmi_test_service qmi_test_service:socket {create bind ioctl read write setopt};
#enable running test as root user => privileged process
#enable privileged processes to bypass permission checks
allow qmi_test_service qmi_test_service:capability {dac_override dac_read_search setgid setuid fsetid};
#QCCI calls qmuxd API. The API will internally require this
#enable accessing the system health monitor to check the system health,
#if a request times out
allow qmi_test_service system_health_monitor_device:chr_file rw_file_perms;