Upgrade to tzdata2013h.

From the release notes:

  Changes affecting current and future time stamps:

    Libya has switched its time zone back to UTC+2 without DST,
    instead of UTC+1 with DST.  (Thanks to Even Scharning.)

    Western Sahara (Africa/El_Aaiun) uses Morocco's DST rules.
    (Thanks to Gwillim Law.)

  Changes affecting future time stamps:

    Acre and (we guess) western Amazonas will switch from UTC-4 to UTC-5
    on 2013-11-10.  This affects America/Rio_Branco and America/Eirunepe.
    (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)

    Add entries for DST transitions in Morocco in the year 2038.
    This avoids some year-2038 glitches introduced in 2013g.
    (Thanks to Yoshito Umaoka for reporting the problem.)

(cherry picked from commit 3df3879bd679f2a8cf29000036c751c93275c094)

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