Upgrade to tzdata2014a.

From the release notes:

  Changes affecting near-future time stamps

    Turkey begins DST on 2014-03-31, not 03-30.  (Thanks to Faruk Pasin
    for the heads-up, and to Tim Parenti for simplifying the update.)

  Changes affecting past time stamps

    Fiji ended DST on 2014-01-19 at 02:00, not the previously-scheduled
    03:00.  (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)

    Ukraine switched from Moscow to Eastern European time on 1990-07-01
    (not 1992-01-01), and observed DST during the entire next winter.
    (Thanks to Vladimir in Moscow via Alois Treindl.)

    In 1988 Israel observed DST from 04-10 to 09-04, not 04-09 to
    09-03.  (Thanks to Avigdor Finkelstein.)

(cherry picked from commit 159b28eb46f03cb1dae6484059e2559f1e42e208)

Bug: 13193205
Change-Id: I3d302039f7e057a97c9d307ce8d32efa056481ed
diff --git a/libc/zoneinfo/tzdata b/libc/zoneinfo/tzdata
index 6acddb7..8468e83 100644
--- a/libc/zoneinfo/tzdata
+++ b/libc/zoneinfo/tzdata
Binary files differ