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  1. 6a9643d Merge branch 'cm-11.0' of into kitkat by houst0nn · 9 years ago kitkat
  2. d16953d toolbox: Avoid issues with non-regular files by Julian Strobl · 9 years ago
  3. 3f2d222 system/core: Remove AID_GRAPHICS from adb groups. by radhakrishna · 10 years ago
  4. 358b01c Make tombstones directory to not follow symlink. by Biswajit Paul · 9 years ago
  5. 6cc5150 Remove obsolete vdc call. by Nick Kralevich · 9 years ago
  6. d8b8cfa charger: Use android blue for charge percentage by dhacker29 · 9 years ago
  7. 7b1b96e sdcard: Link to cutils and libc as DSOs by Ricardo Cerqueira · 9 years ago
  8. 4504997 Merge "Add Nokia vendor ID to adb and fastboot" into cm-11.0 by Abhisek Devkota · 9 years ago
  9. ef734d0 Add Nokia vendor ID to adb and fastboot by dhacker29 · 9 years ago
  10. dfe31f9 adb: Do not look for bu in /system/bin when in recovery mode by Tom Marshall · 9 years ago
  11. a118755 Revert "init: Fix serial number display for semc msm7x30 devices" by Michael Bestas · 9 years ago
  12. c8fb65c charger: Underp the backlight by Steve Kondik · 9 years ago
  13. b10c520 QuickBoot: Charger: add parameter to support QuickBoot mode by Kun Liang · 9 years ago
  14. 7f773be ueventd: Add rules for governors and cpufreq by myfluxi · 9 years ago
  15. 647ceac Revert "Apply strict SELinux checking of PROT_EXEC on mmap/mprotect calls." by Ricardo Cerqueira · 9 years ago
  16. 6154f7c Handle policy reloads within ueventd rather than restarting it. by Stephen Smalley · 10 years ago
  17. 267338a Expose /dev/hw_random to group "system". by Alex Klyubin · 9 years ago
  18. ca9afa9 Add -D option to restorecon for relabeling /data/data. by Stephen Smalley · 9 years ago
  19. cdd5238 Convert all selinux_android_restorecon and _setfilecon calls to new API. by Stephen Smalley · 9 years ago
  20. 5b2e126 Unify toolbox restorecon and libselinux restorecon implementations. by Stephen Smalley · 9 years ago