1. 851de92 Bluetooth: Proper Sep-type update in BTAPP by AnubhavGupta · 10 years ago
  2. 00af3b0 Bluetooth: Do not delay braodcasting. by Gaurav Asati · 10 years ago
  3. 819d65f Bluetooth: Send Focus Change update to Bluedroid by Gubbala Venugopal Rao · 10 years ago
  4. d4b2838 Bluetooth: A2DP SINK changes for audiofocus by AnubhavGupta · 10 years ago
  5. de7eb80 Bluetooth: support for A2DP SINK by Anubhav Gupta · 10 years ago
  6. d2584b6 Bluetooth: Check A2dp device priority. by Gaurav Asati · 10 years ago
  7. ede67c2 License of files Bluetooth package is not updated to ASL2 by Zhihai Xu · 11 years ago
  8. c55a983 replace logx with alogx by Matthew Xie · 11 years ago
  9. e469f16 matt: my fix to get it compile, change logx to alogx, and etc by Matthew Xie · 11 years ago
  10. ac234ef Added support to handle A2DP audio state changed events and broadcast by Kausik Sinnaswamy · 11 years ago
  11. 6654f5c Non persistent adapter service by fredc · 11 years ago
  12. 93f548f Caching callbackEnv in HFP/A2DP JNI results in the ENV going out-of-syn after an disassociate_evt/associate_evt sequence. Removed the caching. by Kausik Sinnaswamy · 12 years ago
  13. 6c91bc0 Initial implementation of HFP and A2DP profile/service/statemachine. by Matthew Xie · 12 years ago