power: suqashed import of kk_2.7-stable qcom power HAL

common: Add platform-specific power libraries.

Add platform-specific power HAL libraries
to the built product.
CRs-Fixed: 330670
Change-Id: Ie6e8d3af3f5f83618bc66ccc2f420d209c53ce12
(cherry picked from commit 2d5b93ca9f08ce41f7b3eade03e150eedc6f153c)

power: Change MP/DCVS slack nodes with display state.

Set values on DCVS and mpdecision slack nodes when
display state changes.

(cherry picked from commit 7accfc5c5a928f7732a0067e515a6b32b8b40506)

Change-Id: I721672da2c5080e33672b4a55a762e73bd7aca60

common: Add performance header file.

Add performance header file that includes
opcodes required to use PerfLock.

(cherry picked from commit eaf749361515df6c0acca20605ef15c45e7a5dce)

Change-Id: I23e337a1474c4cffcd914188df05c89f398a7393

power: Process video decode and screen off hints.

Process video decode hints and display-off hints
in the power HAL. Also move to using the perflock
API to request system-level parameter changes.

(cherry picked from commit 79ab543c4cd0de9327718f51ec869451d417ec8e)

Change-Id: Ic83fd50b444189a4dbee1b9f3dcc36fd774483d6

Initial bring-up support

Change-Id: Ieeb8894b866c04f77aeb05a3e23f934a559ab185

build: exclude power.qcom from emulator builds.

Featurizing power.qcom module to build only for QCOM vendor
board platforms.

Change-Id: I77889ce6bfa3c910dd570b37ad24aad183f3fc01

power: Build the power module for QCOM targets

Allow the power module (power.qcom.so) to be built
for Qualcomm targets.

Change-Id: I7b671225a54e1a67bffdd2e71f9380a3d4db91e1

power: Use macros instead of string literals.

Replace multiple instances of string literals with
macros so as to minimize the risk of typos. Also fix
a check for max/min DCVS slack node values.

Change-Id: I9fa80a41dffba88d144d100d146726f2c18e7540

power: Change ondemand sampling rate when display state changes.

When the display turns off, set the ondemand sampling rate
to 500ms. Restore it to whatever it was when it turns back on.

Change-Id: I9d9637dac6e3f95e8d96b2c65c2123005d6549f7

common: Add opcodes for sync_freq and optimal_freq

Add opcodes for synchronous freq and optimal freq
into PerfLock.

Change-Id: Idb4d4f2194cb34fee5e76614ae1cbe3938534100

Update copyright to The Linux Foundation

common: Add opcodes to support max available frequency

Add opcodes for PerfLock to support the maximum
available frequency on available cores.

Change-Id: I98da509b61c700225c9c615122389697ebe9b2f5

Stub out device/qcom/common/power

Temporarily removes compilation of device/qcom/common/power
as part of the mr2 bringup effort.

Change-Id: If67c04307c3d4b813e763bbf442841332e4820f9

Revert "Stub out device/qcom/common/power"

This reverts commit 01d31f3eb8614cac2467a1026ae8be878027c421.

Revert "Revert "Stub out device/qcom/common/power""

Keep power disabled for now

This reverts commit b735fe8e516e8256d391e7037af11297849cc938.

Change-Id: Ib4670084beecc1ab5d3a81cb7a2353bfd5bb7f84

Revert "Stub out device/qcom/common/power"

This reverts commit 01d31f3eb8614cac2467a1026ae8be878027c421.

Remove AOSP reference to utils.mk

Remove function calls from AOSP code to utils.mk
& replace them with actual definition.

Change-Id: I8d73543598f64be66016e1604eda5d97ac789a94
CRs-fixed: 566287
11 files changed