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commit e2a82a19da0319f1e859f11baf1ca225bd26ab78
Author: Christopher R. Palmer <crpalmer@gmail.com>
Date:   Tue Apr 1 05:29:19 2014 -0400

    dlx: camera: We really, really don't want face-detection

    The camera crashes when first switching to a 16:9 picture
    resolution and the stack trace seems to indicate face-detection
    is being attempted.

    Tell is definitively not to do face-detection.

    Change-Id: Id988a59e9db273a6f2b3bb76437177e084baf6af

commit c8a008b56101403d46812dc0f527f7091224d4ec
Author: Steve Kondik <shade@chemlab.org>
Date:   Sun Mar 16 15:45:36 2014 -0500

    init.dlx.rc: boot with noop i/o scheduler to improve speed

    Change-Id: I75307433fd981ff160fa6d618687e8ce84f1828b

Change-Id: I2d8a5e65ca39f47cd3292af626b5b0c42560854d

Remove some CM files.

Change-Id: I5263a9f9fbd7926e0c83e8a37281e9daf4327c17

Update dependencies.

Change-Id: I5534e8ca62f58a150c9184e558693c8632f97708
5 files changed