Include held locks in SIGQUIT thread dumps.

Handy if you have an ANR that's locking related. Quick tour:

   at org.apache.harmony.dalvik.NativeTestTarget.emptyJniStaticSynchronizedMethod0(Native method)
   - locked <0x60135aa8> (a java.lang.Class<org.apache.harmony.dalvik.NativeTestTarget>)
   at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native method)
   at C.whileTrue(
   at C.synchronizedOnClassString(
   - locked <0x60002a70> (a java.lang.Class<java.lang.String>)
   at C.nestedSynchronizationWithTryCatch(
   - locked <0x61336b90> (a java.lang.String)
   - locked <0x61336bd0> (a java.lang.String)
   at C.nestedSynchronization(
   - locked <0x61336b18> (a java.lang.String)
   - locked <0x61336b50> (a java.lang.String)
   at C.synchronizedOnClassC(
   - locked <0x613366f8> (a java.lang.Class<C>)
   at C.noLocks(
   at C.<clinit>(
   - locked <0x613366f8> (a java.lang.Class<C>)
   at Main.main(

A non-static synchronized native method works too:

   at org.apache.harmony.dalvik.NativeTestTarget.emptyJniSynchronizedMethod0(Native method)
   - locked <0x613371a8> (a org.apache.harmony.dalvik.NativeTestTarget)

Note that most stack traces don't look any different; the above is a
pathological example that exercises different kinds of locking. Testing
with system_server shows most threads don't hold any locks.

Future work (marked by TODO) is that explicit JNI MonitorEnter calls in
native code aren't shown.

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