Camera2: actually fix ArrayAdapter on MoreSettingsPopup

Like CAF already discovered googles attempt to handle the
ArrayAdapter listview does not work as expected if the scroll view
is larger then the screen. CAF tried to fix it with this commit on landscape

which is only a dirty workaround fix for the actual root cause and only works
on landscape partly and if the complete layout is loaded new completly not.

Whatever to fix it we need to override and set getItemViewType(int)
and getViewTypeCount() to actually allow to handle propper two row
layouts like it is needed in MoreSettingsPopup (either checkbox layout
or menu layout). The actual detection which type of preference
we need is handled in getItemViewType.

Change-Id: I6b48ca83daa5f10a7783dfa29c63e9c0bc562167
1 file changed