1. fd6603b Bluetooth MAP profile - sms and mms support initial check-in by Matthew Xie · 10 years ago
  2. 0de39b7 Bluetooth: declare shared libraries as its build dependencies. by Chia-chi Yeh · 12 years ago
  3. f91e79c Fix makefile for jni directory build. by Jaikumar Ganesh · 12 years ago
  4. ff4f17b Initial commit for new Bluetooth stack interface. by Jaikumar Ganesh · 12 years ago
  5. 12cb33f Use a static version of vCard library. by Daisuke Miyakawa · 13 years ago
  6. 20b763a Add ability to run Bluetooth application in a different process if needed. by Jaikumar Ganesh · 14 years ago
  7. 36cb6d3 Do not use a user tag on apps, as it is ignored. by Jean-Baptiste Queru · 14 years ago
  8. ba7be33 Set LOCAL_MODULE_TAG for packages/app/Bluetooth to user like other apps. by Jaikumar Ganesh · 14 years ago
  9. 239bc52 Enable Opp Livefolder, modify localizable resource by Jackson Fan · 14 years ago
  10. 6769b59 Make opp compile by Tao Liejun · 14 years ago[Renamed (84%) from Android.mk.hide]
  11. 09e9cba Initial drop of Motorola Bluetooth OPP code. by Nick Pelly · 14 years ago