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AOSB KitKat v1.3.6
Android Kitkat 4.4.4r1 KTU84P
Merge CM Changes
Update SuperSu to v2.00
Base: iOS8, Bubble Recentes
Bubble: re-work the activities
Bubble: Fix NPE Fully and validate Contact ID/Image
Bubble: check caller name if empty && calculate time duration
Bubble: Make it optional
Recent: Make it compatible with Holo Dark and Multi DPI
Recent: Support landscape layout
FastChargeTile: support m8
Base: FastCharge & Touchpad Tile kernel feature toggle
Base: Sleep Timer for Media Tile
Base: Allow Power Notification Sounds For Wireless
Base: Notification Reminder
Base: Notification Reminder Interval
Base: Notification Reminder New layout
Themes: Use default_wallpaper for HOLO lockscreen wp
Themes: Use first asset entry for lockscreen wallpaper
PEEK: Sensors improvements
HOVER: Option to exclude topmost app
HOVER: notification timeout
HOVER: New Settings
HOVER: Improvements
HOVER: Match notification width on tablets too
HOVER: Theme Engine compatibilities
Settings: add lockscreen themes in interface
Settings: Pimp Custom Recent and Bubble Settings
Settings: HTC Reflection Effect or iOS Flat
Settings: Glowpad Torch
Settings: Partition information menu
Settings: Lockscreen Colors/Image
Settings: Remove 'More device settings' menu
Settings: Remove lockscreen slide delay option
dlx: update adreno from qdevnet 24 June 14 KOT49H
m8: add EasyAccessService
m7vzw: update blobs from 4.10.605.3
m7: Update proprietary files from Google Play edition
toroplus: add blobs
galaxysl: add blobs
d801: Enforce known good ADSP images
mako: Remove live wallpaper product entries
mako: Remove libacdbloader makefile entry
AOSB KitKat v1.3.5
base: Protected App
base: Fix On-The-Go Tile
base: Add Battery/Power Saver Tile
base: New API From Mokee, phone number location support for chinese users
base: listview: ensure active views are filled prior than scrap views
base: Peek: Notification Helper fixes
base: Fix animator display
base: Gesture Device Lock
base: Second Clock
base: Add support for Peek external app
base: New Base Code for Active Display a lot of improvements
base: Fix light notification color picker force close
base: HOVER From PA
base:CM Themes, Add support for composed icons
base:CM Trebuchet, a lot of improvements
base: AOSB RecentApp v2
PS1: Fix the memory leak and more and reduce memory usage
PS2: Improvement thumbnail size also on landscape mode
PS3: Attach the default thumbnail size and prevent conflict with slim recents
PS4: ability to switch between 3 modes of recents
PS5: set height, width for each mode and each DPI
PS6: add standard clear app icon , instead of ugly icon
Settings: Launch only contacts picker for blacklist entry
Settings: Apps, Add blacklist interface
Settings: HALO, color customizations
Settings: listview,fix force close
Settings: Active Display, Double tap to sleep
Settings: Active Display, Hide Low Priority, Hide Non Clearable and Quiet Hours
Settings: Apps, Add black listed app for HOVER
Settings: Apps, Add black listed app for Peek
Settings: Gesture Lockscreen
Settings: Update Active Display
Settings: Add AOSB Support translations for hungarian
Settings: Fix FC "Settings - interface" on tablets like Flo
Settings: Recent, Switcher bettwen App
Settings: Recent, restart UI once in all cases
Settings: Fix Battery light FC
InCallUI: Hide Titlebar while loading InCallUI
InCallUI: do not use reflection
InCallUI: Store dialpad showing state
InCallUI: fix location of answer ring on incoming call
InCallUI: fix non-intrusive for RTL
InCallUI: Dialpad key digit color TRDS update
InCallUI: fix dialpad digits color while TRDS is on
InCallUI: fix landscape layout
Dialer: update TRDS for new 4.4.3 Dialer
Dialer: Update landscape layout to match 4.4.3 codebase
Dialer: Chinese Location Lookup
Dialer: Hide shadow overlay for contact tiles with letter tile avatars
Dialer: Fix force close if using chinese language
n7100: fixes unexpacted random reboots
sc03e: remove bloatware and not currently in-use
sc03e: add missing blob
jflte: use new device tree and kernel
hammerhead: use new device tree and kernel
vendor: Added apn settings for Mobitel and Etisalat, Sri Lanka
AOSB KitKat 1.3.4
Merge tag ‘android-4.4.3_r1.1′ #KTU84L
Merge tag ‘android-4.4.3_r1′
Merge CM changes
Battery consumption’s issues fixed
Stability issues patched
Minor Dialer app redesign
The Dialer app has a light color scheme instead of dark.
rearrange contact cards in the Dialer.
FLAC playback improved/fixed
improved camera quality
New Contacts , icons , …
Performance improvement is incredible
Fix resource leaks
Fix hiding ADB notification
Excessive battery drain issue
more compatible with high resolution devices
apn: national roaming for ONO (Spain)
Settings: Import init.d.cfg and fix “fi unexpected”
Enable KSM deferred timer for kernels supporting it
Telephony: Add setting for WhitePages Canada reverse lookup provider
Telephony: Add setting for YellowPages Canada reverse lookup provider
pause downloads of large games from the Play Store
appops: enforce appop for bluetooth disabled action
mako: Update proprietary libs
hammerhead: Update proprietary libs
N7100: Update sensors libs
AOSB KitKat v1.3.3
Base: PA PEEK Notification
Base: PA PEEK wake timeout && configurable timeout
Base: SmoothProgressBar: update to v0.4.0
Base: Volumepanel: always show option icon
Base: Fix STE "OK Google"
Base: Add support for multiple storage configurations
Base: UserTile: Fix SystemUI force close
Base: Launch floating notifications from notification panel (long click)
Base: Fix setup wizards force close
Base: Download: add to support pause/resume download by manual
Base: fonts: Add LBhashitaComplexSans font for Sinhala
Base: Active display bugfixes
Base: Fix SystemUI because Activedisplay
Base: Squash: Memory leaks, NPEs, races and optimizations for fw/base
Base: fix LTE toggle
Base: On-The-Go: Turn stop and start service if screen turns off and on
Base: On-The-Go: Toggle flashlight when shaking
Base: Battery saver mode updates
Vendor: update App Settings to latest version (1.9)
Vendor: update Xposed Installer to latest version (2.6.1)
AOSB Recents: Launch as Floating App
AOSB Recents: Fix the memory leak and more
AOSB Recents: reduce memory usage
AOSB Recents: Improvement thumbnail size also on landscape mode
AOSB Recents: Attach the default thumbnail size for solutions not conflict with slim recents
AOSB Recents: Fix possible crash
ThemeEngine: New CM Theme Engine
ThemeEngine: Add new themes items to personalization menu
ThemeEngine: Lockscreen custom wallpaper
ThemeEngine: add Custom Lockscreen switch
ThemeEngine: Add wallpaper pickers to seperate package
Settings: enable QuickBoot Settings UI
Settings: Add blacklist provider permission
Settings: On-The-Go Tile
Settings: PEEK wake timeout
Settings: PEEK configurable pickup timeout
Settings: Don't Hide navigation bar category
Settings: Peek wake timeout
Settings: Add Slim Recents Warning
Settings: Add option to enable/disable navring
Settings: Navigation bar width & height
Settings: Add navbar enablement for hw key devices
Settings: Mirroring layout on RTL languages
Settings: Add screen color settings
Settings: Wifi :: Add support for Ad-hoc (IBSS) networks
Settings: Fix VoiceWakeup settings crash
Settings: Show "Eject card" for usb storage
Settings: Display BTH connected status correctly
Settings: Apply Processor settings to all cpus
Settings: Increase allowed duration to connect to a profile
Settings: Fixes error message during pairing of HOGP devices
Settings: Add missing mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi drawables for new theme engine
Settings: Accept all files" option for incoming files via Bluetooth
Settings: add equalizer tile toggle
Settings: PowerMenu :: On-The-Go Mode
Settings: Option to enable Notification Light when screen is on
Settings: Pumping missing icons mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi drawables for AOSB
Settings: Follow Xposed 2.6.x
Mms: QuickMessagePopup: pager fix on multiple messages.
Mms: Implement SMS mark for unread
Mms: Enable link to Cell broadcast activity forcibly
Bluetooth: Release pan proxy object while coming out from tethering menu
Bluetooth: Improve sending web link with Bluetooth
Bluetooth: Fix crash when sending SMS from handset instead of MAP
Bluetooth: add "Accept all files" option for incoming files via Bluetooth
Dialer: Landscape support
Dialer (MSIM): display all IMEI/MEID for *#06#
Dialer: Add support for OpenCNAM paid accounts
Dialer: restore full compatibility with theme chooser
LockClock: do not use GPS if Play Services is available
Camera2: Fix camera application memory leak
Camera2: Fix default slow shutter option
Camera2: Prevent autofocus when video snapshot is in progress
Camera2: Disable ZSL for slow shutter shots
Camera2: Add 50MP, 37.5MP resolution entry
Camera: Fix JPEG quality DB update
DeskClock: Add feature to play random song as an alarm.
DeskClock: Support double-digit hours for timers
Kerneltweaker: Add TRDS (Dark-UI)
Kerneltweaker: add Power key suspend/Wake Timeout option
Kerneltweaker: MSM Mpdecision Control
Apollo: Avoid crash when attempting to load many items
Apollo: Use correct preference keys for artwork download
Telephony:Fix MSIM Network Settings
Telephony:Reform toggleLTE is required in order for CM
Telephony: Fix network selection array
Telephony:actually fix LTE toggle
Telephony:Fix crash in network mode settings
Telephony:Fix mounting of ext4 formated sdcards
Torch: toggle on/off once
update Trebuchet , CMFileManager
hlte: Update blobs
jflte: update adreno
jflte: remove old rilblobs
hlte: Use camera wrapper.
d802: Enforce known good ADSP images
g2: Updated bcmdhd firmware
mako: Add dxhdcp implementation
g2: Update sensors HAL
g2: Update Adreno
v500: Updated adreno
Samsung devices: add another camera firmware binary
Fix Etisalat UAE, TalkTalk,QUAM APNs
AOSB KitKat v1.3.0
Update to Android 4.4.2_r2 (KVT49L)
Multi-user support for phones and tablets
Sound: Volume panel timeout
Sound: Live Volume Steps
Sound: Add battery level around unlock ring
Sound: add support for translucent volume panel
RecentApp: force clear caches on longclick
RecentApp: Improve UI Rotation and animation
NavBar: Handle navbar heights correct on dpi changes
NavBar: Fix landscape mode on tablet flo/grouper
NavBar: add landscape height options for tablets
Port: Omni New Battery Saver mode included what user do to saving the battery life
SystemUI: time-context headers to the notification header
time-context evening time
SystemUI: Fix Quick pull
SystemUI: Fix notification header disappearing on tablets
SystemUI: fix volume panel more button transparency
SystemUI: Make text color orange if BatteryMeter <15%
SystemUI: improve DessertCaseDream immersive mode exit
SystemUI: Fix Screenshot rotation
SystemUI: Fix led pulse for samsung devices
Fix Xposed Backup Folder Location on dirty flash
Expanded Desktop : Fix Left handed navbar during landscape mode
LS Notifications: enable pocket mode and show always if activated
Browser: Implement client-side incognito mode
Settings: Multi-user support toggle in settings -> security
Settings: ProgressBar Accelerate and Interpolator
Settings: ProgressBar enable MirrorMode and Reversed if activated
Settings: ProgressBar Add reset default option
Settings: Wakelock Blocker
Settings: add CPU info overlay
Settings: AOSB Full Simplified Chinese translations
Settings: Build.prop Mods: Do some prereq's before showing options
Settings: Automatically switch mobile network into what user choice and also disable mobile data IF wifi connected to an AP
Settings: Automatically switch mobile network and disable mobile data IF battery low (battery level can configure)
Settings: Support For Both GSM and CDMA devices
Screen Recorder: check for supported video encoder resolutions.
Screen Recorder: Fix lag !
Add ContentLoadingProgressBar support from AOSP
Contacts: Add support for import contacts to local phone storage
QS: Fix up Wifi Display tile for screencasting and reenable it
Dialer: Fix back (clear) icon colors on dark UI
Sensor: Enable the motion accelerometer for screen orientation change
Settings: statusbar reflect am/pm and clock color
Base: large fixes Zygote descriptor leakage problem
Camera2: tweak volume key zoom and cleanup
Camera2: Fix Power Shutter Exception
Camera2: add option to prevend autofocus cancel if preview stopped
Camera2: actually fix ArrayAdapter on MoreSettingsPopup
Camera2: AOSB Updated Simplified Chinese translations
Mms: Fix timestamps layout_width
Mms: Shrink the minimum bubble size
Mms: Locate the timestamps outside of bubbles
Mms: Remove send message gravity for RtL
Mms: Allow text input field to expand up to 9 lines
Mms: Fix received thumbnail size
Mms: improved mms bubbles
TRDS: Dark Mms again
OmniSwitch: Update Chinese translations and other Languages by aosb team
InCallUI: add decline and answer incoming call action on notifications
PhoneWindowManager: add ability to use EdgeGestureService for system gestures.
Move lockscreen buttons options to one place
Add more new APNs
Offical support for d2lte unified device
Offical support for jflte unified device
Offical support for hlte unified device
AOSB KitKat 1.2.9
AOSB Recent App iPhoney UI
AOSB PowerSaverManager !
Mutliwindow: Follow Recent UI Changes
Settings: start the PowerSaver service if activated
Telephony: Open source google dialer and more
Dialer: lookup/nearby places, Google and OpenStreetMap
InCall: full screen photo
InCallUI: add decline and answer incoming call action on notifications
Telephony: Incoming Call in Background
DownloadProvider: remove launcher icon
DownloadProvider: Add transfer speeds in notification
Camera: Fix saturation, contrast, sharpness
Camera: Powerkey shutter
Camera: fix crash on screen off-on on preview screen
Status bar: clock and date customization (center clock, am/pm)
Fix icons overflowing status bar view in center clock and date layout
SamsungServiceMode: add support for OEM API version 2
Update missing google UI changes for 4.4
MMS: Fix The slideshow can’t be shown in the message
MMS: Resize the image in background
Status bar clock and date customization
LockBeforeUnlock the new way
Settings: Add an option to reset custom user preferences
Left handed navbar during landscape mode
Settings LightSettingsDialog: update led on text change
Bring back Camera widget option for tablets
Show Navigation bar menu for every device now
DisplaySettings: Add hardware-framework support for tap-to-wake
OmniSwitch hide from launcher
OmniSwitch: rambar cleanup and layout rework
OmniSwitch: UI tweaks
VoicePlus Enable app op to write SMS
fix led Make sure to turn off led after pulse
start the PowerSaver service if activated
LockBeforeUnlock the new way
Lockscreen Notifications: Custom Background color
Lockscreen Notifications: try to fix occasionally SystemUI FC on boot
Lockscreen Notifications: fix FC when an expanded notification
Lockscreen Notifications: Add “Clear All drawables” for NavBar
Lockscreen Notifications: Custom Background color
Lockscreen Notifications: dismiss all button, improve animations
QS: give animation love to network mode and wifi tiles
AOSB KitKat 1.2.8
Merge CM lasts Changes
SystemUI: Keep force close on some devices when change languange
YouTube: Fix glitch and some audio issues
AOSB Exclusive Feature Custom SmoothProgressBar:
Note3 : update to new kitkat bootloader
early data connection fix
Remove KeyguardTestActivity Hope this improved battery life
AOKP Navigation bar menu in settings for all devices now
Quick Record tile
AIO AOKP custom system animations
AOKP Animation Control
ListView Animation
Keyboard Animation
Scrolling Animation
Add OmniSwitch to Setting
DarkUI: fix search textfield
DarkUI: fix number picker blue line and highlight
Lockscreen Notifications: rewrite add notification logic
Lockscreen Notifications: make dynamic width a device overlay setting
Lockscreen Notifications: Show all notifications when waking device
SoundPack: Audio Themes Settings
SoundPack: Create SoundPack in SD Card if not exists
SoundPack: Update AOSB Default SoundPack to iOS Pack
Dialer: Fix chinese Dailer Crash
Settings: Fix NL Crash
Settings: Fix RU Crash
Settings: Fix BR Crash
Camera: Add Burst mode
Camera: Add indicator icon for burst mode
Camera2: Enable 10MP and nHD pictures modes
Camera2: Set default video quality to the highest
Camera2: New Storage configuration options
Mms: There is no reason to use ugly Icons
Mms: Display message type properly for MMS and SMS
Mms: Fix the send button disappearance after selecting the forward recipient
Mms: Update widget to fit kk
Revert PowerSaverManager
Revert center clock
fix wifi not connecting, once the APN gets disabled state
Add double tap sleep feature to secure lockscreens
AOSB KitKat 1.2.7
Merge CM Changes
Remove CM SU
Settings: use chainfire SU App
new system optimizations , should feel more speed
Camera2: implement volume key zoom in video mode
Camera2: implement exposure compensation settings in video mode
Camera: separate settings for color effects
Camera2: fix touch to foucs
Add double tap sleep feature to secure lockscreens.
fix appears black screen for a while
chromium engine support uploading file in browser
Added sahlnaskh arabic font
Fix alarm wakelock not being released.
Alarm: Add one more RTC alarm type for poweroff alarm.
Perform NTP lookup at Mobile data connections
TeloRadio: optimizations
Arrange some features in settings
AOSB KitKat 1.2.6
Merge CM lasts Changes
Gesture Anywhere
Screen Recording in power menu
Screen Recorder: add ability to record audio from mic
abbility to connect facebook contacts into contacts app
Telo Radio!! (option to customize mobile data during specific events – settings)
PowerSaver CPU :: special port !
PowerSaverManager :: special port !
Custom Carrier Label
status bar: Add center clock
status bar: AM/PM Style Settings
DarkUI auto detect light minor fixes
Bluetooth major fixes
Fix ScreenRecorder FC
USB debugging minor fix for toggling
Dialer: Add to blacklist
Dialer: Add Dialer suggestions and reverse lookup
Dialer: fix chinese exchange
WiFi: Add forget all networks
Adds ability to answer call with hardware HOME button
Disable proximity sensor when screen goes on AD PocketMode
AOKP custom system animations
Quicktile row option:set 3,4,5 tiles per row
Quick Settings Fixes
Quick Settings flip preference
Quick Settings flip animation on clicking a tile
Slim IME options
Settings: instant led test
Settings: Add System App Remover
Settings: Arrange some features
Settings: Move RamBar To Interface
Settings: Move Xposed To Interface
Reimplement: See through :: merge new fixes
Reimplement: Lockscreen Blur :: merge new fixes
Reimplement: LS Notifications :: merge new fixes
LS Notifications: Fix Pocket mode not works on some devices
Quiet Hours: Allow disabling phone ringer
Fix crash when opening privacy settings on tablets.
Add option to always show battery status on lockscreen
Camera button HW support
Allow modification of the camera widget option on insecure lock screens
Create AOSB Dialog to be used for boot message dialog
IME switcher notification - thanks cm
slims fullscreen disable on landscape
slims force autorotation on IME
aosb keep check for halo status with multiwindow
New Translations on all packages
AOSB KitKat 1.2.5
Merge CM lasts Changes
CRT animation: add scale down
List animation: views and interpolator
Dialer: Flip to Mute/Reject Call
Dialer: allow disabling call end sound
Dialer: Add Facebook contact sync support
InCallUI: fix non intrusive incallui layout
InCallUI: UI from blue to white
InCallUI: fix card call incoming colors in BlackUI
Bluetooth: Fix phonebook sync problems on some car kits
Bluetooth: GAP: Avoid adding device to cached device list
Settings: AOSB new Settings icons thanks lolations!
Settings: AOSB DE translations thanks mirco !
Settings: AOSB DE translations grammar fixes thanks Marcus!
SystemUI: Always show translucent decor on recents panel
Frameworks: many fixes for memory leak
add new AOSB Wallpapers thanks +Tareq Halaby
add new AOSB BlackUI
add new AOSB Bootanimation
White-ify tab colors
Add Music Tile
AppOps Minor Fix
Fix UserTile
Fix SystemUI FC at bootup
Fix expanded desktop options
Fix battery icon in status bar after reboot
LS Notifications dinamic width & blacklist options
Losckscreen Notifications fixes
Lockscreen Notifications: fix phone turning on in pocket
LS Notification dinamic width & blacklist options
added national roaming info for Tuenti Movil in Spain
added national roaming for Orange in Austria
added national roaming for BOB in Austria
BlackUI: change alert dialog to new 4.4 UI guidelines and add
BlackUI: global menu follow new 4.4 UI
BlackUI: correct seeker fb style for 4.4
Xposed update and built from source
Xposed installer hide from launcher
m7-common: Update sensor binaries
hlte: update adreno blobs
n7100: enable ZSL mode
n7100: audio: don't disable back mic upon voice call end
hammerhead: Remove bug report shortcut
hammerhead: Enable volume button wake
hammerhead: Add stereowide effect
Base: The Netherlands national Roaming
Camera : sdcard-storage option
AOSB KitKat 1.2.4
Merge Lastes CM Changes
Settings: Custom CRT Animation
Settings: enable/disable wifi name from notification drawer
Settings: Enable AppOps
Settings: add development animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25
Settings: User-selectable camera click sound
Settings: Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode
Settings: Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
Settings: Don't set a null alias before unpairing
Settings: Advanced BatteryBar
Settings: New Navigation bar/ring
Settings: Add text plain battery style
Settings: fix led pulsespeedoff disable behaviour
Frameworks: Delete media tests
Frameworks: speed up statubar/notification drawer
Frameworks: squash of leak & race fixes
Frameworks: Facebook Sync Dirty Hack
Frameworks: Add CPU boosting hooks
Frameworks: Hot reboot (Quick)
Frameworks: show more info in boot dialog
AOKP: Custom Navigation Ring
AOKP: Custom Navigation Bar
HALO: make windows move able and scale able
Gallery: Storage configuration options
Remove old NavigationBar/Ring
Dialer: Fix Dialpad Text Color when PiB is enabled.
Dialer: restore full compatibility with theme chooser
Dialer: DarkUi update
Dialer: Goodbye blue dialpad ,Consistent white dialer
tile: LTE toggle support
add screen record to power menu
screenshot: quick delete action
Fix: Lockscreen Blur Rotation
multiwindow: Fix NullPointerException
Fix multi-user issues
SystemUI: Allow theming battery via theme chooser
too many translations was added
hlte: use samsung's gps libloc api.
hlte: Update adreno libraries
m7 : Update graphics libraries
Add new APN
AOSB KitKat 1.2.3
Merge Lastes CM Changes
base: mutliwindow: notify split view if layout changed
base: improve dialogs and menu popups
base: HALO notification should open in floating window mode
Settings: lock screen camera widget configurable
Settings: notification drawer background
Settings: TRDS some tweaks and fixes
Settings: Remove ZRAM settings
Settings: new sound settings
Settings: Stylus gestures features
Lockscreen: Make the lock screen camera widget configurable
Lockscreen: LockScreen Notifications by AOSPAL
Lockscreen: See through
Lockscreen: Lockscreen Blur
Notification drawer: full swipe to switch detection
Advanced reboot enabled by default
Statusbar: double-tap to sleep
Gallery: Darker Gallery
Gallery: Optimized images
Camera: Darker Camera
Camera: White panorama ui
Camera: bring back support for Samsung HDR format
phone: Add option for setting device phone number
Mms: Mms Bubbles
Mms: Dark Mms
Mms: Breathing SMS Notification
Sound: Control Faux123′s Sound Control Kernel Modules
Sound: Revamp DSP Manager
Support note3 family
Improve translations for all packages
AOSB Full Dutch Translations
AOSB updater was fixed
AOSB KitKat 1.2.2
Merge Lastes CM Changes
Update Gapps
Advanced reboot enabled by default
Statusbar: double-tap to sleep
Keyboard: fix finger gestures
xposed: Fix Density DPI in PerApp Settings
Settings: Fix for missing notification volume slider in Volume panel.
AppOps/Privacy Guard: Fix up misaligned switches.
ActiveDisplay: new fixes !
Settings: Notification drawer: full swipe to switch detection
Settings: add omni performance control
Settings: Density changer ported from SlimRoms
Settings: AOSB in Black!
Settings: MediaScanner behavior on boot
multiwindow: Settings – enable halo or multiwindow
multiwindow: HALO notification should open in floating window mode
multiwindow: prevent multiwindow if halo enabled please multiwindow stay out if HALO there !!
Frameworks: dark images adjustments
Frameworks: Huge Update translation
Frameworks: fix enabling/disabling BT from Quictsettings under second user
Frameworks: Smooth background gradient
Frameworks: possible buffer overrun and memory leak
Frameworks: Merge in a lot of deep fixes and improvements
Frameworks: Don’t show Netstats when there’s no traffic
Kernel: Support exFAT
TRDS: Improve AOSP Download/Upload animation
TRDS: Dark DocumentsUI
TRDS: Dark base theme
TRDS: Dark dailer theme
TRDS: Dark contacts theme
TRDS: Dark settings theme
Use PA Keyboard as default
Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
selinuxrelabel: Remove attempts to relabel /system
Fix Dialog Mobile Broadband MMS APN
Revert Old LCD Density From init.d
camera: ZSL and focus fixes
camera: set focusmode default always to auto
camera: Overrides the focus mode for ZSL
camera: enable ISO mode settings to new UI
camera: enable focusmode settings UI
add Samsung Galaxy Premier (GT-I9260) maintainer
t0lte: new sensors blob 1-3 -2014
n7100: new sensors blob 1-3 -2014
AOSB KitKat 1.2.1
Merge lasts CM changes
MultiWindow credit and authored by xplodwild!
implement App sidebar!! credit 0xD34D
Add network usage stats to status bar
Status Bar settings
CM Screen Security settings
Screenshot delete credit cristianomatos
OMNI: Add a key combo to start/stop video recording – usage: power + vol up
Improve scrolling cache
Speed up orientation rotation
increase touch sensitivity
Advanced low battery indicator options
Move to TheMuppets Source
Support Chinese Languages
Xposed: Immerseme Mod
Xposed: Intelli3G – 2G/3G Toggle and battery saver
Xposed: Update App Settings (Per app DPI) v1.7.1
camera update-to-date but still buggy a bit on note2 :(
camera: Preview needs to be stopped when changing resolution
Camera: Fix panorama preview on older devices
camera: TrueView
camera: Fix Smart Capture label display
camera: Add ZSL support for Samsung/Qualcomm cameras
camera: don’t display picture size unless supported
camera: Add Samsung camcorder mode
camera: camera quick fix credit xda
mms: ios features :p
mms: Add quick emoji button next to text input
mms: Emoji and Smiley support
bluetooth: Revert “v1.2 Bluetooth changes”
bluetooth: Allow sending apk files to remote device
bluetooth: Changes for LPP and extended LE scan
bluetooth Reduce Obex MTU size for A2DP or SCO concurrency
bluetooth: HID: Add support for HID Device Role
SAM Kernel: smdk4412: Notification LED controls
SAM Kernel: Update WiFi drivers from 1.61.47 –> 1.61.58
SAM Kernel: Boeffla Sound support
N7100: Open source sensors – sensors fixed :)
t0lte: remove initial setDelay from sensors
backup current xposed files when dirty flash
AOSB KitKat 1.2.0
Merge lasts CM changes
enable SElinux as Permissive by default
Add su support and upadte to prebuilt su v1.86
update AOSB gapps and bootanitmation
add Active display
AD: Display Time out
AD: Turn Off Display
AD: Threshold to proximity
AD: Sort notifications by newest to oldest
AD: HUGE Fixes
enable developer options by default
Show DSPManager in sound settings
add PropModder
add halo master switch
add Navigation bar with custom dimensions
Add RAM bar with custom colors
Add Configurable init.d
camera: Merge tag ‘android-4.4.2_r1′ into HEAD
camera: Add options to better control video preview size
camera: Add Samsung camcorder mode
camera: camera: added needsEarlyVideoSize
camera: Merge remote-tracking branch ‘aosp/kitkat-mr1-release’ into HEAD
camera: Port additional resolutions from cm-10.2
Mms: Option to delay SMS Sending
Mms: Remove aapt warnings in DE
Mms: fix quick message layout on 320dp
systemui: fix circle battery percentage alignment for low dpi devices
systemui: Fix hidden battery icon style
Browser: update translations
Browser: disable incognito mode
Added smiles without noise to AOSP keyboard
AudioFX: Add center frequency param to bassboost
AudioEffect: Add a stereo widener effect
Gallery2: Use correct editor ID for sharpness filter
m7vzw: update blobs from 2.10.605.1 RUU
dlx: Update shared libraries from Verizon’s 4.2.2 release
MANTA: Update proprietary files to 4.4.2
jf: update bcmdhd firmware to 1.88.51 from gpe 4.4
n7105: remove closed source blobs
SamsungCDMAv6RIL: update to latest RIL
AOSB KitKat 1.0.1
Merge tag ‘android-4.4.2_r1′ into HEAD
Kernel: CM Stock
Framework: allow disabling non intrusive incall ui
Framework: Fit HALO in CyanogenMod custom battery implementation
Framework: HALO
PS1: Initial port
Fix conficts with notification LED
Fix derp
Major derp
Fix blackist
PS2: Fix build
PS3: Fix bubble sometimes doesn’t respond on new notification
PS4: Align halo icon
Settings: Builtin Xposed Framework
Settings: Per App Settings (Change DPI Setting)
InCall: Add a non-intrusive dialog for incoming calls
Dialer: Add a non-intrusive dialoger for incoming calls
Telephony: allow disabling non intrusive incall ui
Update PA Gapps:
Chrome Browser (replaces AOSP Browser) | Cloud Print | Gmail | Google+ | Google Calendar (replaces AOSP Calendar) | Google Drive | Google Earth | Google Keep | Google Keyboard (replaces AOSP Keyboard) | Google Play Books | Google Play Games | Google Play Newsstand | Google Play Music | Google Play Movies | Google Play services | Google Text-to-Speech | Google Search | Google Wallet | Hangouts (replaces AOSP SMS App) | Maps | Quickoffice | Sound Search for Google Play | Street View on Google Maps | TalkBack | YouTube
Custom Hardware Button Mapping Support
Note2 Fix Sensors
Camera Improvements
Support More APN values
Fix Blobs – xLarge Commit
New Blobs from S4 Google Edition by our team member jumoog
Improve Sensors
OMNI: Center frequency for Bass Boost
OMNI: Stereo widening
Update AOSB New Updater/Stats