gps: Update to CAF jb_2.3.2, reenable privacy lock.

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commit 1fc7e568880473fa15fdac4d7a3b4a9557e2781e
Author: Mike Kasick <>
Date:   Tue Jan 1 21:47:51 2013 -0500

    gps: Add loc_eng_set_privacy function to enable/disable GPS privacy lock.

    Privacy lock is enabled on loc_eng_init, disabled on loc_eng_cleanup,
    mimicking the behavior of TW.

    The privacy lock state is non-volatile, and control of the lock is needed
    to ensure that the GPS works and is responsive to requests.  Otherwise the
    GPS may silently cease to work depending on its last state in TW.

commit fe69d4eb5e2cf3ef003def7fa134549ffdadcb53
Author: Mike Kasick <>
Date:   Sat May 4 20:44:54 2013 -0400

    gps: Update to CAF jb_2.3.2 (a731b5ab6b3acba561abfcbf1742fb1519607bc3).


Change-Id: Ia04c76d91963ce4932fb9b74f9425d87705cb861
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