Context menu plugin for Twitter's Bootstrap framework

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Bootstrap Context Menu

A context menu extension of Twitter Bootstrap made for everyone's convenience.

See a [demo page] [id]. [id]:


bower install bootstrap-contextmenu

Note: Requires bootstrap.css


Via data attributes

Add data-toggle="context" to any element that needs a custom context menu and via CSS set position: relative to the element.

Point data-target attribute to your custom context menu.

<div class="context" data-toggle="context" data-target="#context-menu"></div>

Via Javascript

Call the context menu via JavaScript:

  before: function(e,context) {
    // execute code before context menu if shown
  onItem: function(context,e) {
    // execute on menu item selection


target - is the equivalent of the data-target attribute. It identifies the html of the menu that will be displayed.

before - is a function that is called before the context menu is displayed. If this function returns false, the context menu will not be displayed. It is passed two parameters,

  • e - the original event. (You can do an e.preventDefault() to cancel the browser event).
  • context - the DOM element where right click occured.

onItem - is a function that is called when a menu item is clicked. Useful when you want to execute a specific function when an item is clicked. It is passed two parameters,

  • context - the DOM element where right click occured.
  • e - the click event of the menu item, $( is the item element.

scopes - DOM selector for dynamically added context elements. See issue.


All events are fired at the context's menu. Check out dropdown plugin for a complete description of events.

  • - This event fires immediately when the menu is opened.
  • - This event is fired when the dropdown has been made visible to the user.
  • - This event is fired immediately when the hide instance method has been called.
  • - This event is fired when the dropdown has finished being hidden from the user (will wait for CSS transitions, to complete).


$('#myMenu').on('',function () {
  // do something...


Activate and specify selector for context menu


Activate within a div, but not on spans

  target: '#context-menu2',
  before: function (e, element, target) {
      if ( == 'SPAN') {
          return false;
      return true;

Modify the menu dynamically

  target: "#myMenu",
  before: function(e) { 
    this.getMenu().find("li").eq(2).find('a').html("This was dynamically changed");

Show menu name on selection

  onItem: function(context, e) {