Awesome Rust and WebAssembly projects, libraries, tools, and resources

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Awesome Rust and Webassembly

A list of awesome Rust and WebAssembly projects, libraries, tools, and resources.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Table of Contents



  • macro_railroad — Generating "railroad style" syntax diagrams for macro_rules!() macros. Diagrams are generated fully automatically from rust-source as Scalable Vector Graphics, using customizable CSS for layout.

  • snowhash — Procedurally generate a unique snowflake from a hash.

  • wasmbooth — Video effect booth written in Rust and WebAssembly.

Development Tools

Build and Workflow Orchestration

  • wasm-pack wasm-pack seeks to be a one-stop shop for building and working with Rust-generated WebAssembly that you would like to interoperate with JavaScript, on the Web or with Node.js. wasm-pack helps you build and publish Rust-generated WebAssembly to the npm registry to be used alongside any other JavaScript package in workflows that you already use.

Inspecting .wasm Binaries

  • wasm-objdump — Print low-level details about a .wasm binary and each of its sections. Also supports disassembling into the WAT text format. It's like objdump but for WebAssembly.

  • wasm-nm — List the imported, exported, and private function symbols defined within a .wasm binary. It's like nm but for WebAssembly.

Optimizing .wasm Binaries

  • wasm-gc — A small tool to garbage collect a WebAssembly module and remove all unneeded exports, imports, functions, etc. This is effectively a --gc-sections linker flag for WebAssembly.

  • wasm-opt — The wasm-opt tool reads WebAssembly as input, runs transformation, optimization, and/or instrumentation passes on it, and then emits the transformed WebAssembly as output. Running it on the .wasm binaries produced by LLVM by way of rustc will usually create .wasm binaries that are both smaller and execute faster.

  • wasm-snip wasm-snip replaces a WebAssembly function's body with an unreachable instruction. This is useful for forcibly removing Rust's panicking infrastructure in non-debug production builds.

Size Profiling .wasm Binaries

  • twiggy twiggy is a code size profiler for .wasm binaries. It analyzes a binary's call graph to answer questions about which functions take up the most space.

Polyfilling WebAssembly

  • wasm2js — The wasm2js tool compiles WebAssembly into "almost asm.js". This is great for supporting browsers that don't have a WebAssembly implementation, such as Internet Explorer 11.


Allocation and Memory Management

  • wee_alloc — The Wasm-Enabled, Elfin Allocator. A small (~1K uncompressed .wasm) allocator implementation for when code size is a greater concern than allocation performance.

Error Handling

  • console_error_panic_hook — This crate lets you debug panics on wasm32-unknown-unknown by providing a panic hook that forwards panic messages to console.error.


  • gate — Gate is a game development library tailored to 2D pixel-art games, written in Rust.

Interfacing with JavaScript and the DOM

  • js-sys — Raw wasm-bindgen imports for all the JavaScript global types and methods, such as Object, Function, eval, etc. These APIs are portable across all standard ECMAScript environments, not just the Web, such as Node.js.

  • wasm-bindgen wasm-bindgen facilitates high-level interactions between Rust and JavaScript. It allows one to import JavaScript things into Rust and export Rust things to JavaScript.

  • wasm-bindgen-futures wasm-bindgen-futures is a bridge connecting JavaSript Promises and Rust Futures. It can convert in both directions and is useful when working with asynchronous tasks in Rust, and allows interacting with DOM events and I/O operations.

Interpreting and Compiling WebAssembly

  • cranelift-wasm — Compile WebAssembly to the native host's machine code. Part of the Cranelift (né Cretonne) code generator project.

  • wasmi — An embeddable WebAssembly interpreter.

Parsing and Generating .wasm Binaries

  • parity-wasm — Low-level WebAssembly format library for serializing, deserializing, and building .wasm binaries. Good support for well-known custom sections, such as the "names" section.

  • wasmparser — A simple, event-driven library for parsing WebAssembly binary files.